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Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu Kannada Movie

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Director: Veera Shankar
Producer: Aditya Arts
Starring: Aditya Babu, Ramya, Harish.
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Gurukiran

Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu Movie Review

Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu directed by Veerashankar who has made a Kannada film Namma Basava with Puneet Raj Kumar, is a launch vehicle for Adithya Babu who has also produced the film. It is the remake of Telugu film Aadavari Matalaki Ardhale Verule, starring Venkatesh and Trisha and directed by Selvaraghavan.

The original family entertainer did not boast of a great story, but its presentation was much appreciated. But the producer and director of the film had shamelessly claimed that AIPB was supposedly based on Telugu novel Anandamanandamaayee, though they had no qualms of admitting its source later. To be frank, Veerashankar has made some changes and has introduced a few characters like that of Rangayana Raghu, but other than that he has not been able to get the right impact from this film.

Veerashankar had said that he had made some changes to suit the nativity here, but it has not reflected in the film. He has more or less followed the original script written by Raghava. And Music director Guru Kiran who has so many original tunes for his credit has just lifted the tunes of the original Telugu film.

The story revolves around software professionals and it has been linked to the family. Except the introduction of Rangayana Raghu’s character, the story remains the same as in the original film.

Adithya Babu has put in efforts to do a good job in the film, but he has been uneven. In some of the sequences he is really found wanting, but he seems to have come out of this groove later in the emotional sequences. He has to improve over his emotional side of performance. Ramya could have put in some more efforts to look convincing in this role. But she looks extremely glamorous in songs. Veteran artists Lokanath, Sreenivasa Murthy, Harish, Mandya Ramesh have acquitted in their respective roles comfortably.

Venu’s camera work is the highlight. Since the tunes have been lifted from original Telugu film, it is only Guru Kiran’s background track which can come under scrutiny.

But editing could have been a little better.

A neat film that can be recommended for family audience.

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