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Jolly Days Kannada Movie Online


Jolly Days Movie Online

Banner: Young Dreams Production
Cast: Vishwas, Deepu, Pravin, Niranjan, Aishwarya Nag, Ruthwa, Spoorthi, Keerthi, Ruthika, Suchindra Prasad, Kishori Ballal, Sriraghav
Direction: MD Sridhar
Production: Madi Reddy Param
Music: Mickey J Mayoor

Jolly Days Movie Review
Jolly Days - Well done boys!
This is a fabulous attempt and worth watching by the entire family. There is very good give and take for parents and children who are in the teen age. 'Jolly Days' is not the merry life in the college days. It shows the apt thinking pattern our young generation should inculcate so that they could do justice for their personal career and those who have given birth to them.

The start to finish this film 'Jolly Days' a remake of Telugu super hit film 'Happy Days' is a energetic, youthful, meaningful and finally memorable. The film does not go crisscross in the screenplay. The dialogues are well measured the scenes are well conceived and not even one scene is vulgar.

Pradip, Vishwas, Deepu, Pravin, Niranjan, Aishwaryanag, Ruthwa, Spoorthi, Keerthi close pals in the AIT Engineering College are good in studies and attitudes. All of them know their limits and when it comes to 'admiration' each one have their own priority. Without harming their studies how these boys and girls in the college in the teen age carry out their education despite of showing affinity towards their choice is the 'bombaat' style of narration. The striking among the pairs is Santosh (Pradip) and Ankitha (Aishwarya). Ankitha is a singer too and she likes Santosh for filling courage in her. They turn good friends and also get a feel of love. But it first Santhosh who expresses he wants to kiss her that is heard by Ankitha father. Ankitha feel very depressed and that becomes the reason for the two stop talking to each other for two years. Yet the freshness in friendship, helping nature is found after two years.
The boys and girls not only succeed in making right pair but also find good placement to keep their life going – the most interesting factor for the parents.

Pradip has the innocence and apt for the role of Santosh. Aishwarya Nag as Ankitha is a very good heroine material for Kannada. Niranjan the sacrificing friend and caring when his friend is losing his dear friend to other has done well. Rest of the boys and girls are precisely selected.
The beauty of this beautiful film is the cinematography by Krishnakumar. All the angles, lighting, locations are superb. The song on friendship is best among all from Mickey J Mayoor.
This is an easily worth watching film from producer Madi Reddy Param. A right film at the right time for all age group.
Scoring 8/10

Watch Jolly Days Kannada Movie Online

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