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Just Math Mathalli Kannada Movie Online


Just Math Mathalli Kannada Movie Online

Movie Name : Just Math Mathalli
Year : 2010
Cast : Sudeep, Ramya, Avinash, Rajesh, Keerthigowda, Yathiraj, Raghu...
Music Director : Raghu Dixit
Producer : R Shankar
Director : Kicha Sudeep

Just Math Mathalli Movie Review

Actor cum director Sudeep in his first original script direction (earlier three were remakes) has the style but the substance to hold the attention of the audience is missing. The first half of the film belongs to ravishing Ramya and in the second half Sudeep in an emotional journey touches the hearts. But where are the elements that give kicking moments for the audience Mr Sudeep?
In this film ‘JMM’ he has adopted the new style of narration. Excellent cinematography, locations; two good tunes from Raghu Dixit are just not enough. The shifting from action packed ‘Yee Shathamanadha Veera Madhakari’ to a sober and sensitive film by Sudeep is a welcome only when the producer R Shanker is ensured of profits. Think sensibly is the call of the day!

The conversation between Siddarth and Adhi could have been pruned and two days stay in the railway platform also deserved some logical treatment. Raghu Dixit music is loud and should have been been
controlled. Raghu Dixit should take some cues from the music director like Hamsalekha who gives equal importance to music and lyrics.

Siddarth (Sudeep) is disenchanted youth as his past is filled with sordid tales. He is spotted by Tanu (Ramya) three times and every time from the point of view of Tanu thinking he is on the verge of suicide.
That is not true hits back Siddarth when he is sipping coffee with sugar free tablets. Later the hard core fan of Abhisekh Bachchan, Tanu misses the train to her native place and forced to stay in the railway platform where Siddarth is also stranded. It is here Tanu and Siddarth become good friends, know each other and then fall in love. In the short stay at Tanu’s place in Coorg, Siddarth gets the proposal from Tanu. The surprise opens up when Siddarth says a strong ‘No’ to Tanu.
It is the post interval we get to see the flash back (as a matter of fact the entire narration is interspersed in flash back technique – it is the conversation between Siddarth and Adhi on their way to Singapore. It is only when Siddarth lands in Singapore the flash back ends) a tale of woes of Siddarth. A smart singer who is surrounded by beautiful babes but not interested to say ‘I Love You’ to anyone and keeps aloof. But one Divya (Keerthi Gowda) who is madly in love with Siddarth commits suicide when her proposal is turned down by Siddarth.

Once the grand father of Divya comes before Siddarth to handover a letter written by Divya (that Siddarth does not open) he is in shambles. From here he loses faith in love and relationships. But Tanu says it is a different story and he should have understood.

At the climax in Singapore where Siddarth on an invitation of his friend Adhi to attend his marriage to his surprise finds that Tanu is nobody but Nandini. In a majestic style Siddarth returns back, saying he has found his Tanu over telephone to Adhi.

High degree of excellence is seen in Sudeep’s acting. Is he going to get the spot of Dr Vishnuvardhana in emotional roles one would sit back and think! Such a glorious actor Sudeep knows how to control his performance and act without delivering dialogues. He looks handsome and a little glow in skin would be very fine.
Ramya chills out and screams to attract. She looks plump and her acting is super fine. The dubbing of Deepu has further added value to Ramya’s performance. Agile Avinash, talkative Rajesh, silent Arun Sagar give
admirable show.

The editing and special effects are of high standard. The slow motion mixture in movement of characters gives a new feel.Raghu Dixit has the stuff but it is not given in controlled format. The song for Tanu and the title track are good ones from Raghu Dixit. Sri Venkat gives a pleasant treatment to the eyes. The lighting and location lifts the quality of the film.
This is not totally deplorable but decent of course!

Scoring 6.5/10

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