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Bindas Kannada Movie

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Bindas Kannada Movie

Cast: Puneet Raj Kumar, Hansika Motwani, Suman

Director: D.Rajendra Babu

Producer: Chandrashekhar

Cinematography: Venu

Movie Review

Bindaas, the Puneet Raj Kumar starrer which comes just after two back to back hits from the actor, is a volatile action film with love as its backdrop. The film has been made on a grand scale and is visually stunning, but lacks the soul in the form of a good story content. Shivu is a happy go lucky person who indulges in pick pocketing and blackmarketing of tickets to seek a living. One day he accidentally meets Preethi and instantly falls for her. After several interactions with her with all the ingredients of a love hate twist, Preethi finally reciprocates his feelings. Meanwhile, Shivu has been engaged as a police informer by the Police Chief who is none other than his lover's father. Shivu accepts the job only on the condition that the Police Chief should help him in getting his lady love. He infiltrates into the D gang which is an international terrorist group and kills the gang members much to the relief of the people. But will he get his lady love. There are many loose ends in the script which may well create some confusion to the audience. A well made action film's main strength is a fast paced narrative technique where the audience have little time to analyse what has been seen on the screen. On that count Bindaas does not have a super fast narration and the situations just unfold in a usual manner. The expectations of the audience is bound to take a beating severely in the second half where the film suffers totally in narration and content. But all is not lost in Bindaas because of the presence of Puneet Raj Kumar. He takes the whole film on his shoulders. His main strength has been his dialogue delivery and action sequences. He comes out top in these elements and even in the dance sequences. Suman does an okay job, but he has limited opportunities. And Rahul Roy has not been properly used. Komal's comical action has been seen in many films. But the major disappointment of the film is Hansika Motwaani. She is yet to learn basics of acting. Nasser and Ramesh Bhat are okay. The film's cinemetography by H.C.Venu stands out. The songs shot abroad and the climax sequences have been well executed. The director D.Rajendra Babu who is a master craftsman of family oriented sentimental films has not been able to follow the ground rules of a good action entertainment in Bindaas. Though Bindaas does have an original story, you would tend to remember the Telugu blockbuster film Pokiri many a time, while watching the film. And even the dialogues of the film lack the necessary punch. Guru Kiran's back ground score is good, but only the title song and "Gubbachchi Goodinalli' have the potential to become popular. Over all 'Bindaas' may be lapped up by ardent Puneet Raj Kumar fans, but in totality it lacks the elements of a good action entertainer.
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