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Vamshi Kannada Movie

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Banner: Sri Chakreshwari Combines
Cast: Puneeth Rajakumar, Nikitha, Ravi Kale, Komalkumar, Vishwanath, Rajendra Karanth
Direction: Prakash
Production: Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar
Music: R.P.Patnayak

Vamshi Movie Review

The high expectations from 'Vamshi' – Destiny Child - is destined towards meeting the needs of commercial package instead of trying out new measures with such a powerful artist team, production house by intelligent director Prakash.

The heart burns of a rowdy son getting rejected by the final panel in the interview for the cop post is understood. The higher ups rejecting such upright youth is in the book of rules is also admitted. But why a new shade is not extended instead of the youth taking on law into his hands and jumping to underworld to meet his ends? This is the usual turn of events. This is what not expected from a director like Prakash. Vamshi holding the stick and teaching students in the class room the penultimate scene of the film after everything is over is a consolation.

Vamshi importance in life is only for his mother and aim is to join the police department. He perfectly knows what he wants and how he should keep his mother happy but his extreme anger and situations make him to move to the wrong steps which his mother does not want. The only wrong patch for him is his father is an underworld don Kotnal Ramachandra. On this ground that he is the son of a rowdy he is not selected for the cop post. The fury of Vamshi grows multifold and his mother is shaken but not fiancé of Vamshi that is Sharadha. She is ready to live with him adds more courage but Vamshi is forced to cross the wrong path when he is tagged in public life that he is the son of rowdy. The respect out of fear is not he wanted.

What a solid and constructive attitude of Vamshi to drive out the bad elements in the society and police department falls like pack of cards. It is at this stage the change is needed instead of going in for ordinary thought process. Vamshi is pushed to underworld by the director creating such circumstances. A rowdy's son becomes a rowdy of highest standards. Vamshi reach of heights worries the police especially Reddy because he is Vamshi's target. The pathetic past of Vamshi's mother is even harder to digest. Over hearing this Vamshi decides he is at fault not his mother in his life. He decides to surrender to police for better life but mother of Vamshi has different calculations when the police department says that Vamshi will be put down on the streets.

Vamshi comes to meet his mother with a feared crown he had earned for underworld activities to express his inner feelings but his mother before he could say anything feeds him with poison. Very happily Vamshi accepts the decision of his mother and when he is half through the death the police, politician and underworld joining together attack him because he is surrendering to police. Vamshi rise from almost death gulping salt and water to wash his stomach first and puts down everyone who come before him. Vamshi, his mother and wife are shown leading a happy life after three years of gap on the screen.

Macho hero Puneeth Rajakumar has got the perfect selection of role to meet the needs of box office. His action scenes are chilling and his ability to emote and dance deserves applaud. Nikita as Sharada is very pretty and very good actress too. The second screen stealer of the movie is actress Lakshmi. As an ill fated mother she has showed what natural acting is. Komalkumar comedy is kicking. Rajendra Karanth as don, Avinash as politician and Ravi Kaale as crooked cop is acceptable.

Idhenaithu….Jothe Jotheyali….Amalu Amalu….Thaayi Thaayi sung by Dr.Rajkuamr for 'Hoovu Hannu' used again here for important situation are worth hearing and watching on screen. RP Patnaik comes back with good tunes. KK is once again splendid in his camera work.

This is recommended for viewing youths, police department and family audience.

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