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BandhuBalga Kannada Movie

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Cast: Shivarajakumar, Poonam Kaur, Tejaswini, Shashikumar, Doddanna, Harish Raj, Hema Chaudhary, Honnavalli Krishna Satyajith, Dharma, Mandip Roy

Direction: Naganna
Production: Soorappa Babu, Kamalakar
Music: Hamsalekha

Movie Review
Once again banking on age old theme this film 'Bandhu Balaga' is targeted at family audience. The concept is very old and the making deserved to be better. The performances are very good the songs are placed at right time that has lot of meaning in it. The cinematography is not up to the mark and length of the film could have been pruned. Story writer Janardhana Maharshi has rehashed the Kannada film 'Odahuttidavaru' and cleverly got the nod of producers. When you look at the film at the outset a lot of changes could have been brought in to the film.

Subramanya (Shivarajakumar) the soft spoken darling of village people has a fond sister Annapurneshwari (Tejaswini). He wants the attendance of his brothers, sister in laws who are living in three different countries for the marriage of Annapurneshwari. The brothers in turn want a signature of Subramanya so that Rs.600 crore huge properties come to their custody. Subramanya born to the second wife of affluent Srinivasamurthy believes in good relations rather than money. To get the intimacy and courtesy he is forced to apply some breaks for his signature. The Indian made foreign brothers in the village torture Subramanya but the good deeds win. They all transform in better ways but the second wife of Srinivasamurthy – step mother of Subramanya and mother of three changed brothers take a drastic step.

Shivarajakumar hairstyle is not supporting his face. He has very few emotional scenes and in one place he stands without moving delivers dialogue looks shabby. The punching dialogues normally reserved for hero goes to actor Doddanna. Shashikumar, Dharma, Sumesh, Hema Chaudhary are good in their roles. Poonam Kaur in her first Kannada cinema is promising.

Hamsalekha has written two lovely songs and scored it melodiously. Ramesh Babu Cinematography should have been better. Director Naganna has to change his outlook in directing this kind of movie.
Scoring 5/10 source indiaglitz

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