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Patre Loves Padma Kannada Movie


Cast: Ajith, Kruthika, Deepika, Pavitra, Lokanath
Producer: R Pramila
Director: Chandrashekhar Srivathsa
Music Director: Arjun
Story: Chandrashekar Srivastav

Patre Loves Padma Movie Review
"Patre Loves Padma" is a film made with new comers and technicians who have proved their mettle as assistants to better known directors. The film was an awaited venture mainly because the songs and promos of the film had raised some expectations.
However the film belies all expectations and is a third degree torture for the audience. "Patre Loves Padma" moves at a tortoise pace except in the climax where Arjun's background music creates a little bit of interest.
The makers of "Patre Loves Padma" had claimed in the posters that the film was most awaited love story of 2008. It is certainly not true, but the film does, however, have one of the weakest scripts of the year.
Chandrashekhar might have thought some good music and sequences shot in good outdoor locales will ensure the success of the film.
Though the film has some catchy tunes composed by music director Arjun and visuals are beautiful, the film weighs down because of a terrible script.
And the way many sequences are repeated makes a mockery of narration.
Chandrashekhar Srivathsa writes a haphazard script, creates most unbelievable sequences in the film which are utterly laughable.
Patre has some memory problems but is haunted by his childhood friend who had died because of a motor accident.
Patre decides to marry some one with the same name as Padma. And the search begins for Padma.
Patre and his gang of four friends follow a school girl who bears the name of Padma and entice her.
And another girl with the same name is quite attracted to him. However Patre rejects the second girl's offer thinking the school girl will accept him.
But to his disappointment the young girl rejects Patre's offer.
He accidentally meets the third girl who is kidnapped by unknown miscreants. The suspense about who these people are is not broken in the film.
New comer Ajith has tried to give his best, but is surely handicapped by the script.
Loknath, Girija Lokesh and Ramesh Bhat have put in convincing performances.
Despite some good music composition and excellent technical work, "Patre Loves Padma" utterly fails to please the audience. The slow narration is bound to test your patience.

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