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Om Kannada Movie - Cam Print

Om Kannada Movie

Cast - Shivraj Kumar, Prema
Director : Upendra
Music : Hamsalekha

Om Kannada Movie Part-1

Om Kannada Movie Part-2

Cyanide Kannada Movie

Cast: Ravi Kale, Malavika, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu, Tara, Nasser, Ashok Rao

Director: A.M.R. Ramesh

Producer: Halappa, Kenchappa Gowda

Cyanide Kannada Movie Review

"Cyanide" is an outstanding effort by Chennai film institute alumni A.M.R.Ramesh who has shown his level of excellence in just his second film. His first film "Santhosha", a breezy love story with new comers did not set the Box office by fire, but it was hailed as a sincere effort by a new comer.

Ramesh has this time ventured into making a thriller based on a real life occurrence. For "Cyanide" he has taken the incidents that occurred in the peripheries of Bangalore after the assassins of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi stepped into the city. The whole narration is gripping and a seat edging story telling is sustained throughout the film.

The director has chosen to select each of the characters very carefully by making some comparisons to the original characters.

The star cast is very perfect and the characters are easily identifiable even by their appearances. For example Marati Actor Ravi Kale, multilingual actress Malavika, National award winning actress Tara and talented actor Rangayana Raghu look every inch like the real life persons one eyed Jack Shivarasan, Shubha, Mrudula and Ranganath. The Police team led by Avinash has also acted and looks perfectly as police officers on a serious mission.

It is normally felt that making films on real life incidents may prove to be very difficult as the chances of taking cinematic freedom is restricted. And to narrate such happenings in a two hour time frame without a weak moment is in itself a great challenge. Director Ramesh accepts the challenge to deliver a perfect ten film. "Cyanide" is indeed one of the best Kannada films to have been released recently.

"Cyanide" is fantastically packaged with the finest technical values and some great acting performances. Though the film has no songs, the 115 minute film keeps you engaged through out and you may have to hold your breath continuously.

Ramesh has not compromised in the making of the film and despite not having a big star cast; he has taken care to select the finest technicians down south. All the big names Cameraman Rathnavelu, Music Director Sandeep Chowta and Editor Anthony have supported the director to the hilt.

Cameraman Rathnavelu who has worked in several top commercial films comes to Kannada films for the first time to take the cake for his stupendous work behind the camera. It is Mumbai based Kannadiga Sandeep Chowta who stands out with his background score which matches the mood of the film. Anthony makes a sharp work and his editing work is most appealing. Ramesh's dialogues are crisp and effective.

"Cyanide" is backed by some fantastic performances by Ravi Kale, Malavika, Avinash, Tara, Nasser and other artists. Ravi Kale's appearance on screen is enough to frighten you. Avinash delivers a dignified performance as Senior Police officer Kempaiah who tracked the militant tigers through his painstaking investigations. But it is Tara yet again who scores in the role of much tormented Mrudula. Rangayana Raghu looks every inch like Ranganath and he has excelled in his work. All the other artists have done their roles with dedication and competence.

Totally "Cyanide" comes out as a fresh wave of fragrance which is extremely likeable. It is a must see film for not only Kannada film enthusiasts, but all the film buffs who look for some quality effort.

Watch Cyanide Kannada Movie online

Cyanide Kannada Movie Part-1

Cyanide Kannada Movie Part-2

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Chaitrada Chandrama Kannada Movie

Banner: Cheluvambika Pictures
Cast: Pankaj, Amoolya, Shobaraj, Veena Sunder, Pallakki Radhakrishna
Direction: S.Narayan
Production: Smt.Bhagyavathi
Music: S.Narayan

Chaitrada Chandrama Kannada Movie Review

While all new comers are having a teething trouble in one or the other way Pankaaj has the teeth trouble. Otherwise it is a splendid debut for him. Shaped up by his renowned father who is one of the prime directors, producer, writer and actor too on Kannada screen S.Narayan it is a good preparation for youngster in a colorful style. Minus one hour of the film add some comedy to the film it would be a terrific film to watch. Why a senior director like Narayan has consumed so much of time to showcase his son for his home banner that too while launching son is the question that remains in the mind. Today's zamana is not for seeing the lengthy films with unwanted inconsequential scenes.

Pankaaj (Pankaaj) is a marvelous cricket player. His father intention in life is that his son should occupy the national team and become international cricket player. Pankaaj works hard and proves from his county matches that he is a cricket player to watch. He is not out on all the 60 plus matches he played. Such a workaholic and disciplined youngster face the first distraction in his mind from Ammu daughter of Army officer. Pankaaj and Ammu after initial quarrel become very close to heart and that is the major mistake and diversion in the life of Pankaaj. In order to save Ammu from bad elements he elopes with her to Kashmir to leaver her to the safe custody of her father. He takes this decision instead of going to Mumbai to attend the national cricket team practice session. This aversion in the wake of love to cricket Pankaaj has developed disturbs his father and his coach is upset. In Kashmir Pankaaj and Ammu are traced by police and brought safely to Bangalore. The shocked father of Ammu a military personnel finds a solution when his daughter attempts to commit suicide. He throws a challenge to Pankaaj to prove his mettle in the cricket field first and then ask for his daughter. Pankaj wins everyone from the last ball he faces hitting it to the six.

The action, dialogue delivery and screen presence of Pankaaj is passable. He has to refine a lot but that will take a few films for him. The best part of the film is Amoolya. Taking on from previous film 'Cheluvina Chittara' the runaway hit film of Amoolya looks very beautiful and she has the ability of becoming another Soundarya.

In the supporting cast Pallakki, Veena Sunder, Suma and Shobaraj are very good. There is no comedy in this film might be another minus point.

Three of the songs Mandharave Araluthidhe…Nanna Cheluvi….Nooraru Janumadha Gelathi are worth hearing again. Narayan as a music director too has great ability. Cinematography by Renukumar gives a pleasant treat to the eyes. The graphic work and editing done for the film adds extra dimension to the film.

A new hero is born in Kannada film scene from the prestigious director S.Narayan family. Welcome to Pankaaj.

Watch Chaitrada Chandrama Kannada Movie Online

Chaitrada Chandrama Part -1

Chaitrada Chandrama Part -2

Chaitrada Chandrama Part-3

Chaitrada Chandrama Part -4

Chaitrada Chandrama Part -5

Chaitrada Chandrama Part -6

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Buddhivantha Kannada Movie

Cast: Upendra, Pooja Gandhi, Nethanya, Brunda, Saloni, Suman ranganathan, Lakshmi

Director: Ramnath Rigvedhi

Producer: S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu, A Mohan

Buddhivantha Kannada Movie Review

Upendra's new film Budhdhivantha directed by Ramnath is the remake of K.Balachandar directed Naan Avanillai released three decades ago. Though Budhdhivantha's main story revolves around the Tamil film which was based on a Marati play written by Acharya Atre.

The narration of the Kannada film has many things common with the recently released Tamil film with the same title directed by Selvam. Even the song tunes of the Tamil film have been lifted in Budhdhivanth which are however well choregraphed. Budhdhivanatha can not be out rightly dismissed as another remake film because of many original inputs that have gone towards the making the film.

The first and foremost is that the climax sequence of the film has been altered to suit the image of Upendra and also the native tests. It is the best part of the film. The court sequences in the film are much better than what was seen in two versions in Tamil. And the Rayalaseema portions where Upendra speaks Telugu dialogues and spoofs some Telugu heroes is outstanding.

Upendra shines as an actor and a writer and his contribution to make the film an entertaining product can not be undermined. Though he has shared the dialogues work with Venkatnarayan, it is evident that he has written dialogues for the key sequences and in the court room sequences. The film's five heroines have jelled well with the Real Star. Vijay Anthony's exceptional music and Giri's photography have been the major highlights of the film.

The story revolves around Panchamrutha who has been charged by four women that they have been cheated by them. Panchamrutha is arrested and produced in court, but he claims that he is innocent. He argues that the gullible girls have been cheated by some one looking like him and they have foisted falls cases on him. Finally he argues the case on his own and wins the battle in court. Meanwhile, the Judge's daughter who is watching the proceedings becomes a great fan of Panchamrutha. Finally Panchamrutha reveals as to why he had played tricks with the four women.

Upendra rocks in the film from the first sequence. His performance in this film can be regarded as one of the best in recent times. And his seven get ups are the highlights of the film. Lucky girl Pooja Gandhi attracts with a bubbly performance. Suman Ranganathan is also good. Nethanya, Brunda and Saloni have performed their roles with ease.

Budhdhivantha's strong point has been the picturisation of songs which perfectly fit into the song compositions. Chithranna Chithranna has already made a big impact in the audio world. All the songs are excellently shot. R.Giri's cinematography with its top angle movements is exceptional. The editing ensures a very good pace.

Budhdhivantha is a definite entertainer which gives full value for the paisa you spend. Watch it and enjoy.

Watch Buddhivantha Kannada Movie Online

Buddhivantha Kannada Movie Part-1

Buddhivantha Kannada Movie Part-2

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Junglee Kannada Movie

Cast: Vijay, Andrita Ray, Rangayana Raghu, Adhi Lokesh, Sureschandra, Megabhagavatar, Kashi, Jaidev, Balu, Naveen

Director: Soori

Producer: Rockline Venkatesh

Soori directed Junglee has an assemblage of many top technicians of the Kannada film industry. Duniya Vijay who earlier got his first break as a hero under Soori has acted in the title role of this film. Since the audio of the film had become a chart buster and the songs had a popular appeal, many film industry personalities had expected this much expected film to revive the depleting fortunes of the Kannada film industry. However the film ends up as an ordinary fare thanks to a confusing script and crude narration by Soori.

Despite excellent song sequences, Andrita's glamour and a few action sequences featuring Vijay, Junglee has nothing else to write about. Soori's writing ability which had excelled in his earlier films has gone for a toss in this film. .

Though Vijay enjoys good screen chemistry with Rangayana Raghu, some of the dialogues written for them are in poor taste. And too many sequences look repetitive and irritating. And even the love sequences between the hero and heroine lacks subtlety which lessens the impact. Soori has depended more on the commercial aspects in Junglee than following the pattern seen of presenting harsh realities on screen.

Another weak point Junglee is that film lacks authentic touch. The characters in the film do not represent the characters that we often see in our midst.

The highlight of the film is certainly the songs. The composition and lyrics are good.
Yogaraj Bhatt's lyrics in Hale Paathre and Powder Haakkollo are mass oriented while Jayanth Kaikini writes one brilliant song Neenendhare Nannolage. Andrita Ray looks sensuous and glamorous on screen in all the three songs.

Here is the brief description of the story. Junglee Prabhakar wants to become an actor and takes the help of Gudde Narasimha, a good for nothing person who however is very influential. Gudde takes him to a retired Don Guruswamy for getting him a film offer. Meanwhile, Junglee falls in love with a college girl Padma and tries his best to please her. During one of the inter gang fights between rival groups, Junglee saves Guruswamy. But Padma's father is killed in the process. Padma wants Junglee to severe his connections with the gang. And there is a big story later told in straight and flash back narration which could be best seen on screen.

Performance wise, Vijay shows his mettle in a few sequences. Rangayana Raghu irritates in a few sequences. Andrita is good in dance sequences. Aadi Lokesh has nothing much to do in the Villain's role. Nanjunda and Sureshchandra are good in their respective roles.
Hari Krishna's music and Sathya Hegde's camera work are really good.

Junglee is a mixed bag. It could have been a better film if Soori had worked a little more on the script.

Watch Junglee Kannada Movie Online

Junglee Kannada Movie Part-1

Junglee Kannada Movie Part-2

Junglee Kannada Movie Part-3

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Junglee Kannada Movie download Links

Cast: Vijay, Andrita Ray, Rangayana Raghu, Adhi Lokesh, Sureschandra, Megabhagavatar, Kashi, Jaidev, Balu, Naveen
Director: Soori
Producer: Rockline Venkatesh

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Junglee Kannada Movie Part-1


Junglee Kannada Movie Part-2


Junglee Kannada Movie Part-3


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Tajmahal Kannada Movie

Starring - Ajay, Pooja Gandhi,Ananthnag, Padmaja Rao
Music - Abhimann
Lyrics - R. Chandru, K. Kalyan
Director - R. Chandru
Producer - T Shivashankar Reddy
Music On - Skanda

Movie Review

Debutant R.Chandru has made a watchful debut in his maiden film 'Taj Mahal'. He has the right mixture for a commercial format and follows his senior director Prem in the narration. The guessing elements he creates on the screen and striking a tragedy in this 'Taj Mahal' would give him a good standing in the coming months. This is the first time production from producer Shivashanker Reddy. His taste in film making is appreciable. The cinematography and music are the other two plus points of this film made in a colorful style with glamour and glitz.

In the Reddy Engineering College Ajay (Ajay Rao) is madly behind Shruthi (Pooja Gandhi). In the last three years he has been only telling her Good morning to her for more than 3500 time and he records it in his diary. Finally when he befriend with Shruthi he is baffled when she asks his name. Further acquaintance of Ajay with Shruthi and the presentation of a cap and watch he receives gives a confirmation to him that she is in love with him. What next? Ajay says I love you to Shruthi and she slaps him on the face. It is because Shruthi is in love with Kumar. Who is that Kumar? It is Ajay himself. In the past Ajay traces a valuable suitcase of Shruthi's father residing abroad and handed it over to the police. At that time out of fear in the police station he had told his name as Kumar to inspector. But Ajay did not know that this would bounce differently. Claiming that he is Kumar the telephonic chat he continues with Shruthi earns him her love. What goes on after Shruthi rejects Ajay in the college campus is interesting turn out with flash back and some fine spell of narration from the director.

Ajay hailing from a poor family as Kumar meeting all the requirements of Shruthi meets a bad luck when he goes back to his native village. What happens to him? Whether Ajay who is Kumar materialize the dreams of his parents? You have to watch it in the last 20 minutes of the climax.

Ajay Rao after 'Excuse Me' has got a very solid role. The hairstyle looks jaded for him. He looks stylish and modern in his outlook. He has done his role quite comfortably. Pooja Gandhi the heroine to watch on Kannada screen has been very good in emotions. Ananthnag, Rangayana Raghu the ever able actors have given good support.

In fact the first hero of this 'Taj Mahal' is cinematographer K.S.Chandrasekhar. The long shots, top angles the interiors and exteriors have been beautifully captured with good taste by this cameraman. Abhiman longing in the cinema industry for quite some time now has given his best. Three songs are worth hearing again and again.

This is worth watching cinema.

Watch Tajmahal Kannada Movie Online

Tajmahal Kannada Movie Part-1

Tajmahal Kannada Movie Part-2

Tajmahal Kannada Movie Part-3

Tajmahal Kannada Movie Part-4

Tajmahal Kannada Movie Part-5

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Meravanige Kannada Movie

Producer - Bandhu Mitrararu
Banner – Sri Muneshwara Films
Direction - Mahesh Babu
Cast – Prajwal Devaraj, Andritha Ray, Sadhu kokila, Komal
Story - Janardhan Maharshi
Cinematographer - Mahesh Talkad
Music - V Manohar
Stunts – Danny, K.D. Venkatesh, Ravi Varma

Meravanage Kannada Movie Review

Prajwal Devaraj's Meravanige has finally hit the screens after it was launched nearly one year back. Yet the film turns out to be a neatly packed film with some good creative inputs. Mahesh Babu's handling of a love story is quite different from what he did before and is quite different from the films which are being released now.

'Meravanige' tells the story of Vijay a careless son of a top cop. Vijay spends his time in kidnapping his lecturer's son and blackmailing him to give the questions papers rather than studying hard. He always has qualms with Nandini his college and class mate regarding petty issues. Nandini is also the daughter of another top cop who happens to be a close aide of Vijay's father. Both the fathers fix their children's marriage without their knowledge. Just when everything goes haywire, terrorists kidnap them and hides them in the forest. How loves blossoms between the two and how they escape from the forest forms the rest of the film.

'Meravanige' maintains a good pace like in any other Mahesh Babu's film. But for the crudeness in some of the comedy sequences in the film, 'Meravanige' is a nice presentation with some minor negative aspects here and there. The credit for a neat presentation once again goes to Mahesh's Babu's screenplay and direction. Babu engages the audience with some interesting twists here and there particularity in the second half of the film.

The performances of the artistes are equally notable. Particularly Prajwal. He carries the film simply on his shoulders from start to finish. Whether it is comedy or action or sentiment Prajwal is a treat to watch. Andrita Ray is the surprise package of the film. Though much cannot be expected from her in terms of acting, she is lively and lovely. Avinash, Bhanuchander, Sadhu Kokila, Komal Kumar provide adequate support.

Music by V Manohar is good. "Yelliruve Neenu", "Nannolave Nannolave" are pleasent. "Pathangavaagi Naa" has shades of "Zara Sa Jhoomloon Mein" from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Mahesh Talkad's camera work also gets accolades.

Meravanige is worth watching by the entire family.

Watch Meravanage Kannada Movie Online

Meravanage Kannada Movie Part-1

Meravanage Kannada Movie Part-2

Meravanage Kannada Movie Part-3

Meravanage Kannada Movie Part-4

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Moggina Manasu Kannada Movie

Cast: Radhika Pandit, Shuba Punj Sangeetha Shetty, Manasi, Skandha, Manoj, Harsha, JD Nagaraj, Avinash, Bhavya, Achyut Rao, Sudha Belawadi, Jai Jagdeesh, Thulasi, Chikkahejjaji Mahadev, Master Kishen

Direction: Shashank
Production: E. Krishna
Music: Mano Murthy

Mugina Manasu Movie Review

The second film from 'Mungaru Male' producer E.Krishnappa coming on the screen after a battle with the regional censor board with U/A certificate from Tribunal is good in some parts. The routine style of narration of teenage girls crossing limits and parents getting worried is out of date subject. Having four cases of teenage girls the director tries to hold a mirror to the society in an avant-garde style. The style of narration is not absorbing and it is easily imaginable. It is a freak out time for teenage girls and boys but highly tension ridden life for parents.

Director Shashank catches up with this and makes a prolonged narration. At drop of a hat everything is understandable today. For such atmosphere here there is no point in consuming more time. The home work of the director Shashank who directed 'Sixer' in the last year is not of high quality. The high quality he gets from cinematography and music department of course there are some pretty looking girls on screen.

Passing out SSLC girls Renuka Devi (Shuba Punj) and Chanchala (Radhika Pandit) join the Queens College for pre university study. After initials pranks from Sanjana (Sangeetha Shetty) and Deeksha (Manasi) the first year degree students all the four become thick friends.

Insistence on having a boy friend for Renuka and Chanchala although not acceptable is enforced in the film by the director Shashank with no social responsibility. After having a boy friend what is the state of affairs in life? It is ditching for Renuka Devi who commits suicide while Chanchala showing affection to singer Rahul (Yashas) withdraws from her decision at this stage to prosper in her studies. Facing the dejection is the situation of popular singer Rahul now. Rahul waits after a beating but in the end to get back Chanchala.

Radhika Pandit the newcomer is a treat to watch. She has the right ability and surely reaches the top spot. Shuba Punj in an innocent role is very attractive. Manasi and Sangeetha Shetty are cool in their roles. As the caring parents Achyuth Rao and Sudha Belawadi show good support. Master Kishen the child prodigy in a small role is attractive. Among the new boys Jedi Nagaraj has the perfect looks. Others are fit for supporting character roles. Sharan comedy is boring and senseless.

Two other fabulous contributions are from cinematography by K.S.Chandrasekhar and melody king Mano Murthy. Among all the songs Male Baruvahagidhe Manaveega Hadidhe….is rich in melody, lyrics and there is visual treat.

For the teenage trauma and throwing the dreams at whims and fancies 'Moggina Manasu' is a half hearted attempt.

Watch Mugina Manasu Kannada Movie Online

Mugina Manasu Part-1

Mugina Manasu Part-2

Puneeth Rajkumar's Next Kannada Movie 'Raj The Showman' First Look, Pictures

Labels: ,

Here are the stills of the Puneeth Rajkumar's Next Kannada Movie 'Raj The Showman' First Look, Pictures

Maadesha Kannada Movie

Labels: , ,

Banner: L.G.Anupam Film City
Cast: Shivarajakumar, Ravi Belegere, Sonu Bhatia, Ravi Kale
Direction: Ravi Srivatsa
Production: B.M.Goverdhana Murthy
Music: Mano Murthy

Maadesha Movie Review

This is a protracted punching and punishing action extravaganza. The Shivarajakumar fans can get two films action scenes in this one film 'Maadesha'. Despite of Censor going very strong on this film and giving revised 'A' certificate there are objectionable scenes and dialogues in this film that point to 'Khaki'. Where is necessity for Shivarajakumar to be a part of this kind of irresponsible film is the question that strikes the mind. 'Khaki' appears to me like puller of body to the grave yard could have been avoided. Shivarajakumar films in the past never made so much of gruesome attacks on the system we are living in.

Director Ravi Srivatsa in the cloud of controversy right from the beginning of his career in 'Deadly Soma' has made this film for a section of audience. He is fond of creating sensation it seems. The permanent fans of Shivarajakumar family audience would not dare to come and watch this film. Violence is so furious. For the young and feeble hearts this is going to faint them in some particular action scenes.

Young Madesha (Shivarajakumar) for abusing his mother kills a pavement petty businessman. He serves 14 years jail term and decides to make it big in Bangalore. A village boy Madesha with companion of elephant always has the strength of elephant. Working in a petrol bunk Madesha take on the biggest underworld don of Bangalore Khan and his gang. From a hammer he kills Khan and gets protection from petrol bunk owner Sircar (Ravi Belegere). The police are fed with money and Madesh fierce attack and killing is overlooked. In the tutelage of Sircar it is Madesha who builds up his empire. On many occasions Madesha takes the decisions on his own overlooking his boss and that irritates him. For all nefarious activities Madesha is used and obviously he becomes the cynosure in the eyes of underworld, police and politicians.

Madesha dynasty overrules his mentor Sircar is a great insult. But Sircar go to Chadagappa the Home Minister to apply breaks on Madesha. A strict cop Ravi Kale arrives on the scene and after a few encounters with Madesha he is finding proof to serve arrest warrant on him. Madesha flew to Australia to settle down slipping away from law. He announces that he is coming back after sometime and that will be Part-II of Madesha goes the statement on the screen.

Shivarajakumar the action hero and emotional best actor in Kannada cinema should have asked the director to cut short the violence. However this is a treat for Shivarajakumar fans. Sonu Bhatia is wasted. Ravi Belegere, Vijayasarathy and Ravi Kale have come out superb. All the three enjoy good dialogues. The side actor all these years Muni has found a good placement in this film. Padmaja Rao is apt for the mother role.

Munjana Manjaagu….Lahari Moha Lahari….are well sung, well captured on screen. Mano Murthy once again shows how great his tunes are. The background score of Sadhu Kokila lifts the film. G.S.V.Seetharam the permanent cameraman in the trailblazer V.Ravichandran camp has been marvelous. Storing 1.25 lakh feet and bringing it to 14000 feet on screen with lovely top angle shots, some fine editing gives a good technical standard to this film.

If you are an action buff this is a must watch film!

Watch Maadesha Kannada Movie Online

Maadesha Part-1

Maadesha Part-2

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