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Geleya Kannada Movie

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Cast: Prajwal Devaraj, Tarun, Keerat, Kishore, Rangayan Raghu, Paramesh, Yogi, Bullet Prakash
Music: Mano Murthy

Geleya Movie ReviewGeleya is a technically polished film, which has based its story of two young friends from a village who accidentally enter the Bangalore Underworld and then become active as dons. Though it is a well-made film with good technical values and some good performances, the story idea is itself regressive. What sort of message you are sending to the society by telling the story of two innocent villagers turning into dreaded criminals of underworld. And these two teenaged youngsters become dons within a short time that too by taking weapons and killing many people.

Though Geleya is a well-made film in commercial standards, it should be said that the neither the director nor the producers of the film have thought of the social consequences of making such gangster films. And both the lead artists Prajwal and Tarun look like the kids who have just passed out from their schools.

Director Harsha who has directed a film for the first time has been the most successful as a choreographer of films. He could have chosen a music and dance based story for his film. But he has preferred a gangster story instead. And he has followed a narration, which does not have an iota of softness.

Vishwa and Guru are two friends from a village. Vishwa is in love with Nandini and Guru supports their love. One incident makes them to move out of the village and come to Bangalore where they accidentally become carriers for two underworld groups. Guru hatches a plan and both the friends take part in a fake killing accident, which takes them closer to the chief dons of the two rival groups. Despite being members of the two rival groups, the friends are meeting and talking to each other. Vishwa gets married to Nandu with the blessings of the Chief of his group. Later Guru kills the chief of Vishwa's group. Circumstances force Vishwa to occupy the top position in his group. Later he kills the chief of his rival group. Then both Guru and Vishwa head their respective gangs and become sworn enemies. Then the Police Chief decides to engage a top police cop to take care of these gangs. He is given full freedom and both Guru and Vishwa are made to run for cover. What happens later is better to be watched in the film.

Prajwal Devaraj and Tarun are too young artists to perform the type of roles.

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