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Junglee Kannada Movie VCD Print


Cast: Vijay, Andrita Ray, Rangayana Raghu, Adhi Lokesh, Sureschandra, Megabhagavatar, Kashi, Jaidev, Balu, Naveen

Director: Soori

Producer: Rockline Venkatesh

Soori directed Junglee has an assemblage of many top technicians of the Kannada film industry. Duniya Vijay who earlier got his first break as a hero under Soori has acted in the title role of this film. Since the audio of the film had become a chart buster and the songs had a popular appeal, many film industry personalities had expected this much expected film to revive the depleting fortunes of the Kannada film industry. However the film ends up as an ordinary fare thanks to a confusing script and crude narration by Soori.

Despite excellent song sequences, Andrita's glamour and a few action sequences featuring Vijay, Junglee has nothing else to write about. Soori's writing ability which had excelled in his earlier films has gone for a toss in this film. .

Though Vijay enjoys good screen chemistry with Rangayana Raghu, some of the dialogues written for them are in poor taste. And too many sequences look repetitive and irritating. And even the love sequences between the hero and heroine lacks subtlety which lessens the impact. Soori has depended more on the commercial aspects in Junglee than following the pattern seen of presenting harsh realities on screen.

Another weak point Junglee is that film lacks authentic touch. The characters in the film do not represent the characters that we often see in our midst.

The highlight of the film is certainly the songs. The composition and lyrics are good.
Yogaraj Bhatt's lyrics in Hale Paathre and Powder Haakkollo are mass oriented while Jayanth Kaikini writes one brilliant song Neenendhare Nannolage. Andrita Ray looks sensuous and glamorous on screen in all the three songs.

Here is the brief description of the story. Junglee Prabhakar wants to become an actor and takes the help of Gudde Narasimha, a good for nothing person who however is very influential. Gudde takes him to a retired Don Guruswamy for getting him a film offer. Meanwhile, Junglee falls in love with a college girl Padma and tries his best to please her. During one of the inter gang fights between rival groups, Junglee saves Guruswamy. But Padma's father is killed in the process. Padma wants Junglee to severe his connections with the gang. And there is a big story later told in straight and flash back narration which could be best seen on screen.

Performance wise, Vijay shows his mettle in a few sequences. Rangayana Raghu irritates in a few sequences. Andrita is good in dance sequences. Aadi Lokesh has nothing much to do in the Villain's role. Nanjunda and Sureshchandra are good in their respective roles.
Hari Krishna's music and Sathya Hegde's camera work are really good.

Junglee is a mixed bag. It could have been a better film if Soori had worked a little more on the script.

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